Almost like in the movies - a new keynote experience!

From his state-of-the-art studio directly to your screen: Speaker Marc Wallert's virtual keynote captivates and inspires your participants, no matter where they are in the world.

Immerse yourself in the new style of keynotes with Marc Wallert!

Guaranteed goosebumps:
Marc Wallert's virtual keynote


Marc Wallert's
Virtual Keynote

Just like his stage appearances, Marc Wallert's virtual keynote delivers pure goosebumps. Thanks to cutting-edge studio technology, your guests can dive deep into the Philippine jungle with Marc.

Even virtually, Marc is always live and close, both during his keynote and in subsequent interactions with your guests. As he speaks, he is inseparably connected with his images and story – and so are your guests!

Large-scale like in the cinema or flexible like Netflix: Marc's virtual keynote offers you and your audience an exciting experience in any format.

"Wie im Kino!" | Marc live auf Ihrer Leinwand für Ihr Publikum vor Ort


Marc live on your
screen for your
on-site audience

"Like in the cinema!"

"Wie Netflix!" | Marc live auf den Bildschirmen Ihrer Gäste überall auf der Welt


Marc live on your guests'
anywhere in the world

"Like Netflix!"

Client testimonials

Enthusiastic clients confirm:
Marc's virtual keynote exceeds the expectations of ordinary online presentations. Each keynote provides the audience with a cinematic experience that captivates and moves them.

„Marc’s keynote was the perfect start to our virtual event!”


Senior Director SAM, Bayer U.S. LLC

“We connected Marc Wallert virtually to our conference in Bonn – he spoke live with us as if he were in the room, amazing!”


Head of HR, MSG life

“Authentic, inspiring, and on equal footing, this is how our digital journey with Marc Wallert can be described.”


Managing Director, Gore GmbH

“Marc Wallert's virtual keynote was a highlight in our anniversary year. A truly gripping talk – and that online!”


Board Member, Andrena Objects AG

Selection of thrilled clients

who chose a virtual keynote

Professional production


Behind the scenes
of Marc Wallert's studio

Marc's virtual keynote delivers goosebumps – even on screen!

From his state-of-the-art broadcast studio, Marc offers your guests a moving experience in TV quality. From the professional tech setup to multiple secure connections to the final sound check, nothing is left to chance.

See for yourself with a look behind the scenes!

I love the format of the virtual keynote because it creates a unique kind of closeness:
Physically separated, connected at heart!


Professional cooperation
for your event

Marc Wallert's Event Toolbox accompanies you as an organizer through all phases of your event project. From speaker selection through preparation and execution to follow-up.

Depending on the phase and your role in the event, you will find best practice tools here for all concerns and target groups in the team: decision-making, organization, marketing, moderation, set up.

A popular tool is, for example, the checklist for virtual presence lectures ("Cinema").

Take a look!

Rely on sound expertise and experience

Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Marc Wallert

Marc's virtual keynote works – sustainably!

Under the theme Strength Through Crises Marc Wallert inspires people and teams on how to overcome crises and stresses and even grow sustainably from them.

Sustainability is also a key concern for Marc when it comes to the environment. Since he travels internationally a lot, he especially loves virtual keynotes. Because traveling less protects health and the climate!


Virtual keynote
and sustainability

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Virtual keynote instead of in-person keynote

5 good reasons

1 Boosting range

More and more customers want both: a small event on site with the core team and then invite other stakeholders for the keynote - no problem virtually!


2 Strengthen sustainability

The fewer guests who arrive and fly in, the more climate- and family-friendly the event is. Less travel also protects health and is more family-friendly.


3 Stand out with originality

Virtual keynotes in cinema format have a special charm and are memorable. Many guests see such hybrid formats as a modern example of remote work.


4 Easy & affordable

In contrast to traditional hybrid events, you do not need a camera team on site to film and stream the keynote. Your online guests can simply dial in - without any technical effort and free of charge. This is also easy on the travel budget.


5 Recording free of charge

On request, we can record your virtual keynote live, free of charge. This means that everyone invited can enjoy it, regardless of whether they were unable to attend or missed the plane.

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