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Are you looking for a positive impulse for yourself, your team, or your clientele to get through tough times more easily? A keynote speaker who lives resilience, moves your guests, and inspires them sustainably? Then let's talk!

Marc Wallert tailors his keynote speech individually to your situation and target group. Whether a live keynote or virtual presentation, internal or public, in German or English – we design together an unforgettable journey of 10-90 minutes!

Experience Marc Wallert live!

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Marc Wallert
Live on Stage

When Marc speaks, you can hear the famous "pin drop". He empathizes with his guests and speaks from the soul. It's not about a perfectly staged fireworks display of rehearsed punchlines. The magic happens in the quiet moments, in the pauses, when he thinks out loud.

The atmosphere in the room is often "crackling with tension". The speech gets under the skin. But laughter is also allowed – and it happens. Because the joint keynote journey has a "happy ending" and leaves the audience positively tuned for the following program.

A special highlight is the one-on-one exchange at the book table. Here Marc signs his bestseller "Stark durch Krisen," with a personal dedication on request. Most organizers therefore choose the "Book-Bundle" in addition and give their guests a lasting memory of the event.


Marc Wallert
Live on Stage


Marc Wallert's
Virtual Keynote

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Marc Wallert's
Virtual Keynote

"Incredibly close and personal"
"As if he were standing in front of us, just without legs"

This is typically the feedback from guests after Marc's virtual keynotes.

Thanks to the latest studio technology, the audience is captivated by Marc's vivid descriptions, almost like in the cinema. Entertaining yet more than passive consumption, relaxed with popcorn.

The guests feel personally addressed and touched, becoming participants – and that live!

Over 100,000 people have already experienced Marc virtually – individually on the screen or united in front of the screen at a live event. For many, an unforgettable experience.

Custom-tailored Resilience Keynote

Your audience feels seen and addressed because Marc puts himself in their shoes and tells his story from their perspective. The joint briefing for your event is the key to the unforgettable goosebump effect: people feel touched, moved and inspired.

You are free to choose the title of your presentation to suit your target group and your event. Be inspired by the most popular titles of enthusiastic customers.

You tailor the presentation content to your situation and target group in a joint briefing with Marc Wallert. Here are three sample presentations that Marc has developed together with clients.

Popular keynote titles

  • "Strength Through Crises" (by far the no. 1)
  • "The Art of Not Losing Your Head"
  • "Strength Through Crises - The Art of Not Losing Your Head"
  • "Strength Through Crises - Developing Resilience"
  • "Mastering Life's Jungle with Resilience"
  • "How to Keep a Cool Head During Hot Phases"
  • "What We Learn About Leadership from a Kidnapping"

Strength Through Crises:
The Art of Not Losing Your Head

The world has become a jungle, uncertain and unpredictable. Continuous crises – climate, Corona, war, AI, ... – one can lose one's head!

  • Can I keep a cool head despite existential uncertainty?
  • How do I (or the team) remain strong under extreme stress?
  • Could I even emerge stronger from such a situation?

Marc Wallert has found answers to these questions – in the jungle of all places! As a hostage, he faced surprisingly similar challenges as many people and companies face today. Therefore, he transfers his survival strategies to the world of his guests.

The keynote bestseller – a captivating journey with a "happy end"!



Stress Competence

Acting Together

Leadership: What We Learn About Leadership from a Kidnapping

People want to control their lives, preferably the whole world. Leading yourself and others is important and provides security. Paradoxically, what leadership really means can also and especially be experienced through unguidance.

  • How to move from inner leadership to external leadership.
  • When positive visions take effect and when they become dangerous.
  • Why people become a team not in spite of, but through conflicts.
  • Why teams in the jungle need leadership, but not a boss.

In his speech, Marc combines his leadership experience from 20 years of managerial career with his kidnapping experience from 20 weeks of captivity.

A different journey through the business jungle – not just for managers!





Strength Through Crises:
Developing Resilience

It is not the Question, if a crisis will come, but when. Setbacks are part of life, whether professional or personal, health-related or financial. We cannot completely prevent them. However, we can learn to deal with them better. Here, the inner strength called "resilience" helps. The good news: Resilience can be trained!

In his speech, Marc Wallert shares the protective factors that helped him survive his kidnapping in the jungle unscathed. But he only became a hero years later. His burnout taught him: There's more to life than just the principle of bouncing back to transform crises into opportunities. You can learn how to develop your resilience in this speech – step by step.

Learn from the kidnapping and life crises of Marc Wallert. Warning: This speech is very personal!


Rising Again


Staying Flexible

Questions and exchange after the keynote

Marc loves the personal exchange at eye level with his guests. After his presentation, all questions are welcome. For many guests - and also for Marc - the open exchange is a highlight in itself. It is not uncommon for a certain magic to be created in the room, which encourages a particularly open exchange afterwards.

Interaction with the audience thrives on spontaneous impulses and good preparation. That's why we leave nothing to chance and coordinate the framework and moderation in advance. To this end, we have compiled our tried-and-tested tips for you in our Event Toolbox.

Professional cooperation
for your event

Marc Wallert's Event Toolbox

Marc Wallert's Event Toolbox accompanies you as an organizer through all phases of your event project. From speaker selection through preparation and execution to follow-up.

Depending on the phase and your role in the event, you will find best practice tools here for all concerns and target groups in the team: decision-making, organization, marketing, moderation, set up.

Take a look!

Rely on sound expertise and experience

Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Marc Wallert

The Right Package for Your Event

Marc's speech has an inspiring effect. To ensure it fully unfolds and leaves a lasting impact on your guests, we offer you the following packages in combination with a keynote.
Buchcover "Stark durch Krisen " von Bestseller-Autor Marc Wallert 3D gross
Buchcover "Stark durch Krisen " von Bestseller-Autor Marc Wallert 3D gross

Book-Bundle – autographed!

Marc Wallert signs his Spiegel-bestseller in a personal exchange with your guests. Your event and our keynote will be remembered for a long time to come.

With the Book Package, you will receive autographed copies of the bestseller 'Strength Through Crises'.

We would be happy to send you a copy for preview.
Contact us!

Buchcover "Stark durch Krisen " von Bestseller-Autor Marc Wallert 3D gross


Marc Wallert's online course "Strength Through Stress & Crises" is ideally suited for the sustainable deepening of the keynote content. In 10 uniquely exciting modules, participants learn to master stress & crises, instead of fearing them.

The online course includes:

  • Over 20 videos full of life stories & everyday techniques
  • Accompanying personal workbook
  • Optional: Audio course
  • Optional: Certificate

Interesse an einem kostenfreien Testzugang?
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Buchcover "Stark durch Krisen " von Bestseller-Autor Marc Wallert 3D gross


Events are always associated with risks. Good planning, including a plan B, relaxes the organizers and increases anticipation.

With the Event Toolbox Marc Wallert offers you as an organizer active support in all project phases of the event – free of charge with every keynote!

Premium option: We record Marc's individual keynote for you in advance as Plan B. So that you are protected against travel risks and technology failure. This is resilience in action and inspires every audience!

We are happy to advise you on the possibilities.
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Client testimonials

"Absolutely authentic, intense, yet entertaining."


Board Member, Allianz Versicherungs-AG

"Thank you for these emotional goosebump moments!"

Managing Director, Gore GmbH

"Mr. Wallert inspired us and stimulated our thinking!"

CEO, OSRAM Continental GmbH

„Marc’s keynote was the perfect start to our virtual event!”

Senior Director SAM, Bayer U.S. LLC

Selection of thrilled clients

Marc Wallert's Keynote Speaker Profile

Under the motto "Strength Through Crises," Marc Wallert inspires people and teams on how to master crises and even grow through them.

He knows what he's talking about, as life has made him an expert in resilience. In his speeches, he combines his experiences from 140 days of kidnapping in the Philippine jungle with over 15 years of leadership in international companies.

Book Marc Wallert as a Keynote Speaker for Your Event!

Here you will find not a standard speech, but a unique event experience.

Your guests can expect unforgettable goosebump moments that are relevant to their everyday life and therefore sustainably inspire. No wonder, because in advance, we will tailor the keynote to your guests and objectives.

Organizers appreciate the "professional and friendly collaboration, from the first meeting to the event day and the wrap-up," as typical customer feedback.

We look forward to getting to know you personally!

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