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through crises

About Marc

As an author and keynote speaker, Marc inspires people and teams by showing them how they can not only overcome moments of crisis and adversity, but also prosper from them.

Life has taught Marc a lot about leadership, in all sorts of contexts. In his talks, he draws on more than 15 years experience at the helm of various international companies as well as his life-changing survival story of being kidnapped and held hostage for 140 days in the Phillipine jungle. 

In keynotes and in his bestselling book “Strength through Crises”, Marc applies his successful jungle strategies to both everyday life and the world of business.


Virtual Keynote

In Marc’s fascinating Virtual Keynote speech, he will capture you, the audience, and spirit you away to the Phillipine jungle. 

There, you’ll experience one-of-a-kind challenges, which you will overcome with Marc at your side. Marc’s successful jungle survival strategies will empower you to tackle challenges in your day-to-day life with more clarity and confidence. Whether it’s smoothly navigating digital transformation, successfully managing the Corona crisis, or building strong and coherent teams, the skills that you learn will be invaluable to your future prosperity and growth.

Marc’s virtual keynotes are just as vivid as his exhilarating live events. Using the marvels of modern studio equipment, Marc creates an intimate and powerfully personal connection with his audiences around the globe, including some genuine ‘goosebump’ moments!

Masterclass online

True resilience is a mindset far beyond optimism. Discover how to stay strong in a crisis and even grow and evolve.

In his elevate masterclass, Marc shares his secrets of mental strength and survival. Learn from his experience!

10 exiting chapters to strengthen people in times of stress and crises.

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Dr. Dirk Linzmeier

„In his speak, Marc Wallert manages to develop and show comprehensible analogies between his former extreme situation and today’s business world. This way he quickly builds a personal connection to his audience and can give important impetus – he inspired us and made us think!“

Dr. Dirk Linzmeier
Osram Continental | CEO

Annette Liebau

„Excellent keynote: Exciting, inspiring and memorable. Marc’s authentic storytelling hits the heart of his audience, boosting their own resilience. We deeply appreciated both events with Marc – highly recommendable!”

Annette Liebau
Allianz SE | Global Head of Leadership Academy

Frank Brueggink

Marc’s inspiring talk at our, due to Corona, digital Christmas celebration gave us specific strategies on how to deal with crisis situations as a team. He was authentic, very well prepared and answered our questions with honesty and interesting additional insights.

Frank Brueggink
Carfax Europe | Founder & Managing Director

Hansi Müller

„Marc Wallert touches his audience with his incredible story, which he tells with authenticity and humour – very inspiring!“

Hansi Müller
German football legend


In 2000, Marc Wallert and 20 other hostages were taken by terrorists to a Philippine island and imprisoned in the jungle for 140 days.

20 years later, he describes the strategies he used to survive and what he learned from the experience. The jungle didn’t break him, but the day-to-day life that followed drove him to burnout. In order to better understand why, he set out to find answers by focusing on the defining moments of his life – the crises.

In his bestselling book, he explains effective strategies for both private and professional life that can help people get through crises and become even stronger as they do so.

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