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The useful toolbox for your event!

Here, as an organizer, you will find helpful tips & tricks for a perfect event with Marc Wallert.

Marc Wallert's Event Toolbox accompanies you through all project phases, from speaker selection to the preparation and execution of the event, and through to the follow-up.

Depending on the phase and your role in the event, you will find here best practice tools for all concerns and target groups in the team (decision-making, organization, marketing, moderation, technology, etc.).

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Decision making

You are looking for a fitting Keynote Speaker for your event?
We support you in making your decision!

Speaker Profil

Marcs Speaker Profil auf einen Blick.


Introducing Marc Wallert

Sie möchten Marc Wallert als möglichen Speaker präsentieren?
Nutzen Sie gerne diese PowerPoint Folien!

  • Marc Wallert auf einen Blick
  • Kernbotschaften
  • Credentials

10 Resilience Impulses

Marcs key messages at a glance.

Instead or in addition to the more detailed Handout for your participants.

Handout for the Lecture (Sample)

After your event with Marc, your participants will receive a handout with the core messages of the lecture.

In this document, you will find a sample that will, of course, be individually adapted to you, your company, and the lecture.


What is a Keynote Speaker?

Here you will find relevant information about Keynote Speaker:

  • What do Keynote Speakers do?
  • Success factors of a keynote
  • The role of the keynote in events
  • Keynote on resilience – what to look out for
  • Duration of the keynote
  • Current trends in keynote speaking
  • Hybrid formats and online events with remote keynotes
  • Speaking fees

Checklists & Co.

Below you can find useful checklists, documents and material that support you - depending on your role in the event - in preparation, execution and follow-up of your keynote with Marc Wallert.

Benefit from our long lasting experience!

Marketing & PR

In this document, you will find:

  • A checklist, esp. for both the internal and external communication before your event with Marc
  • Suggestions for announcing Marc in advance of your event
  • A selection of imagesthat you are welcome to use royalty-free

Live Keynote

In this document, you will find:

  • Checklists, esp. for Live Keynotes
    –  Before the event
    –  On the day of the event
    –  After the event
  • Technical and stage requirements
  • Examples with different perspectives

Virtual Keynote

In this document, you will find:

  • A checklist, especially for Virtual Keynotes
      – 1 week before the keynote
      – 1 day before the keynote
      – 15-30 min. before the keynote
  • Examples with different perspectives 


In this document, you will find:

  • A checklist, especially for moderation during your event with Marc
  • Suggestions on how to introduce Marc on stage during the event
  • Suggestions for the Q&A Session on transition and moderation
  • Moderation cardsthat you can use directly as they are or adapt entirely to your needs

Teaser Videos for Announcement

Create excited anticipation among your guests!

The short videos provide:

  • Different thematic focuses – choose the most suitable for your event
  • Announcement of Marc's lecture in advance of your event, e.g., in newsletters, intranet, emails, etc.
  • Increases the anticipation for your event!


Any questions?

If you need further information or documents, we will be happy to support you.

Contact us!

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Profile picture Marc Wallert in forest (portrait)

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Profile picture Marc Wallert in forest (portrait)

(Photo: Stephanie Wolff)

Profile picture Marc Wallert in forest (landscape)

(Photo: Stephanie Wolff)

Marc Wallert in the jungle camp 2000

(Photo: Private Archive Wallert)

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