Perfect to complement Marc's keynote: the book package.

Marc Wallert im Gespräch am Büchertisch

After his presentation, the audience usually heads straight to the "book table" to meet Marc in person, ask him questions, and pick up a signed copy of his book.

Some request a personal dedication for family members or colleagues to directly pass on the positive impact. Others take their book home to delve deeper into the content of the talk or to look up answers to any lingering questions.

Either way, the book ensures that your event will be remembered and talked about for a long time.

Review Stern

In “Strength Through Crises” Wallert not only tells his personal, gripping story of survival. Above all, it emphasizes the psychological knowledge of what keeps people going in difficult moments.

Katharina Kluis, Stern "Cultural tips"
Stern Book Review (No. 16 2020) | 4/5 Stars

Review Amazon 1

Authentic. Honest. Intelligent. Highly recommended!

Tanja Peters
Review on Amazon | 5/5 Stars

Review w+w

The book is very much worth reading because Wallert analyzes his findings based on resilience research and derives general advice from them.

Review in economy + education (No. 05_20)

Review Amazon 2

Great handbook for life

The intimate descriptions make the book an intense experience, but also a serious guide.

Dr. J. Heppeler
Review on Amazon | 5/5 Stars

Review branch management

A book that can help to reflect in times of crisis - and that at the same time provides entertainment.

Edda Klepp, Publishing Director
Book review in 'Branch management - leading and selling'

The book as an event booster

“Strength through Crises” became a SPIEGEL bestseller and serves many as a “travel guide through the jungle of life.”

The book gives very personal insights and background information about Marc's kidnapping into the jungle. But it goes far beyond that. In the second part of his book, Marc shares what he learned from his burnout and how others can emerge stronger from such crises.

As part of the lecture, Marc shares some of his “jungle strategies” (approx. 4-8, depending on the organizers' expectations).
In the book, your guests will also receive additional resilience techniques for everyday life.

That's why most organizers book the bestseller package together with the keynote.

10 ideas for your event marketing

Get inspired by how other organizers have already used the book package for their event.

-- Leer --
Announcement of your event

e.g. “Spiegel best-selling author as a guest” generates interest among your guests

Incentive for registering for your event

e.g. “The first 10 registrations will receive a free book”

Book table & personal exchange

e.g. "The opportunity for a personal 1:1 exchange with the author & guest speaker at the book table”

Surprise gift for your guests

e.g. a personal copy of the book on the bedside table of your hotel guests

Hybrid & online events

For example, guests who join in receive a copy of the book home

-- Leer --
Individual dedication

Personal & individual dedication in the book or on a greeting card, e.g. “Warm greetings also on behalf of the company XY”

Table display with relevance

e.g. “Today’s guest speaker: Spiegel bestselling author Marc Wallert”

Deepening of the lecture

e.g. “Over 30 resilience technicians for everyday life can be read in the book”

Sustain the effect

The book reminds readers of your event even weeks later.

Book raffle

e.g. with quiz questions after the lecture


In the Event Toolbox you will find print templates and much more for your event marketing with the book package.
For you this means: minimal effort for maximum benefit.

The Book Package – Your Advantages


Guests will remember the event for a long time


Meaningful gift with entertainment value


Signed by the author, also live on site


Personal exchange between your guests and Marc


Affordable price - compliance friendly*!

* At 9.99 €, the book price is below the 10 € threshold for taxable non-cash benefits.
  Thus, the book is considered a so-called 'promotional giveaway' and can be given away without concern. [As of November 2023].

Offers & Conditions for the Book Package.


  • Only 9.99€ per copy
  • (Individual) signature upon request
  • Free home delivery (within Germany)

About the Book


In the year 2000, Marc Wallert, along with 20 other hostages, was kidnapped by terrorists and held captive in the Philippine jungle for 140 days. In this book, he recounts the survival strategies he employed and the lessons he learned from this harrowing experience. With brutal honesty, he also describes other life setbacks, including his burnout, underlining the fact that the strategies that helped him can also assist others in challenging times: the mental fortitude known as resilience. Resilience, though proven effective time and again, has seldom been discussed in such a riveting manner

In this book, he explains effective strategies for private and professional life, with which one can not only get through crises with strength but even grow from them.

Publisher information on the 2022 edition
Author Marc Wallert
Title Strength Through Crises
Publisher Ullstein Taschenbuch
Binding type Paperback
Number of pages 304 pages
ISBN-10 3548064744
ISBN-13 9783548064741
Published 03.01.2022
Prices 9,99 € [DE] / 10,30 € [AT]
First edition March 2020
ISBN: 9783430210294


Now also in English!

Marc's book has been available in English since 2023, making it suitable for international events.


Marc Wallert: „Strength Through Crises“

ISBN: 9783430211109
Price: 18 €

Are you planning an event and would like to take a look inside the book beforehand?

Then please contact us for a free sample copy!

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