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Do you want to stop fearing stress & crises in your life, but instead master them and use them for your personal growth? Are you looking for an effective way to gain more inner strength, one that you would like to pursue without having to overcome yourself?


Uniquely Exciting

Marc is the (living) proof of the power of resilience. Let yourself be "kidnapped" on an exciting journey to (even more) inner strength and freedom.


Easily Applicable

In this course, you will learn proven resilience techniques – practical and scientifically based. Strengthen yourself for your life – step by step. The workbook helps!



This course starts NOW, as soon as you are ready. You decide flexibly when, how quickly, and where you learn. During the day or at night, at the desk or on the go – stay flexible!

Overview of the Modules in the Course

10 modules with 2 videos each, full of life stories and everyday techniques:

  • Video 1 – Story: A journey through Marc's life
  • Video 2 – Transfer: Applying it to your life
Introduction to the course
Overview of the modules
1 | Stress, Crises & Resilience

Where does stress end and crisis begin? What types of crises are there at all? What exactly is resilience and (how) can I train it?
A little self-assessment: Where do I stand today?

icon Story 09:42  |  icon Transfer 13:19

2 | Acceptance

How do people emotionally react to (abrupt) changes? Why does acceptance play a central role in this?
Five techniques on how you can more easily accept difficult situations.

icon Story 07:24  |  icon Transfer 13:39

3 | Optimism

When optimism is the decisive factor. How to deliberately strengthen it. How it may have even saved Marc's life.
Five techniques to deliberately boost your optimism.

icon Story 06:56  |  icon Transfer 15:00

4 | Risk Management

Why optimism is not always the solution in difficult situations. How much stress is good or bad. How you can assess your situation and manage risks.

icon Story 07:33  |  icon Transfer 08:16

5 | Stress Regulation

The jungle strategies of the Jolo hostage: What to do against stress when fighting and fleeing are not an option?
5+1 techniques for stress reduction in the stressful everyday jungle.

icon Story 20:19  |  icon Transfer 17:23

6 | Self-Efficacy

Definition and mode of action of self-efficacy. What helped the Jolo hostages out of the feeling of powerlessness.
4+1 everyday techniques to strengthen your self-efficacy.

icon Story 06:32  |  icon Transfer 12:17

7 | Social Support

Why the hostages probably wouldn't have survived without social support. How you actively shape your network and recognize and maintain "real friendships."

icon Story 21:36  |  icon Transfer 18:05

8 | Gallows Humor

Why laughing and crying are so closely related and both can equally help when you are at your wits' end in despair.

icon Story 07:36  |  icon Transfer 04:51

9 | Growing Through Crises

BECOMING strong through crises! Not just muddling through somehow, but learning from your own experiences. Which three steps you should take and how the fairy of luck can help you with this.

icon Story 25:06  |  icon Transfer 20:39

10 | Treasure Trove of Life Experience

Why we should not forget or conceal crises. How we can recognize the treasure of our own life experience and utilize it for the future.

icon Transfer 16:18

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Over 50 compact pages in your personal workbook

  • The most important points from each chapter.
  • Over 40 techniques for your everyday life.
  • Over 30 practical exercises.
  • Also available in print version!

Audio Course

Resilience for the ears! The complete course for listening

With the audio course, you can listen to the complete course both online and offline – e.g., on your way to work or while exercising.


Your resilience demonstrably strengthened

The certification allows you to check and also prove your acquired knowledge!

Money-back Guarantee

No risk thanks to a 14-day money-back guarantee

With this course, you invest in yourself and your inner strength. If you are not satisfied with your investment, you can withdraw from your purchase within 14 days without giving any reason.

Rebecca Hirthammer

"I am totally thrilled!
"I really like the thematic structure of the course with the two videos per module. And the developed workbook is a great companion book for reviewing, working on, and reflecting. Marc's exciting stories combined with personal reflection and working on the tasks – a really good and varied mix."

Rebecca Hirthammer

Lena Anguilet

"A very good course for anyone who wants to build more resilience in general or is currently going through a crisis. In his professional yet approachable manner, Marc conveys strategies that also work very well in a professional context."

Lena Anguilet

Sandra Kötter

"Thank you for this great course! Not just dry theory, but a very personal story that touches the heart. And a transfer that meets me where I am in my life right now. Absolutely recommendable!"

Sandra Kötter

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Marc Wallert?

Marc Wallert is Germany's most renowned expert on "resilience" (psychic resistance). He experienced the power of resilience firsthand when he was held hostage for 140 days in the Philippine jungle. His life thereafter also made him a professional in dealing with stress and crises, including burnout. His life's motto is "Strength Through Crises," which became a bestselling book. Marc's mission: to inspire people on how to fear stress and crises less, master them better, and use them for their personal development.

How does the course work?

The online course "Strength Through Stress & Crises" leads you through 10 steps to greater resilience. Over 20 gripping videos inspire you for even more inner strength in your life.

Each module contains two videos:

  • In the first video, you accompany Marc through his life's adventures and get to know his "jungle strategies".
  • In the second video, you and Marc transfer his proven jungle strategies and other resilience techniques into your daily life.

The workbook for the course not only contains the essential content from the videos but also practical exercise sheets with which you can try out your favorite techniques and directly integrate them into your life.

Prices & Payment
How much does the course cost?

You can freely choose between four packages at the following prices (incl. 19% VAT):

  1. Try it out! – Free & non-binding | 0 €
  2. Basic – Compact & affordable | 345 €
  3. Complete – Everything for your resilience! | 395 € Personal - Including personal coaching | 1,995 €
  4. Personal – Including personal coaching | 1,995 €
What does the free trial offer include?

In the free trial course, you can completely work through two of the total ten modules.
This includes:

  1. The "Story" videos with Marc's accounts from his life.
  2. The "Transfer" videos with many techniques for you and your life.
  3. The Workbook The Workbook with the complete chapters for the free modules.
How does the money-back guarantee work?

With this course, you are investing in yourself and your inner strength. If you are not satisfied with your investment, you can withdraw from your purchase within 14 days without giving any reason.

Even later, you can get your investment back, though we would appreciate brief feedback at that point so we can continue to improve our offer.

Course Progress & Modules
How long does the course take?

You can start the course at any time and proceed at your own pace – whenever it fits best into your daily routine.

We recommend working on about one module per week . This way, you can integrate what you've learned before moving on to the next module. Therefore, the recommended duration of the course is about 10 weeks..

How does the course certification work?

After completing all ten course modules, you can review what you've learned and thereby anchor it more deeply in your memory. The "successful participation" is certified if you answer at least 80% of the final questions correctly.

Note: The knowledge test can only be taken once! The digital certificate will then be sent to you by email. If you have booked the "Personal" course, you will additionally receive a certificate signed and framed by Marc Wallert by post.

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